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2 years ago
Goshen Community Schools

Ms. Polega and Mr. Anderson both taught the Prairie View Elementary STRIVE students last year, and Ms. Polega continues teaching them this year on her own since it doesn't work out with Mr. Anderson's schedule. Mr. Peebles also helped set up this class. Thank you all for your community work and involvement!

School Board Recognition:
Prairie View school counselor Marge Gingerich nominated Kris Polega, a community member, who was recognized by the board. Mrs. Gingerich stated that Ms. Polega is an instructor at the Peacemaker Academy, and that she has taught Taekwondo classes at Prairie View for the STRIVE students for the past two years. Mrs. Gingerich explained that the STRIVE class is for students ... See more

2 years ago

Change of plans—following suit with other groups cancelling activities this evening, and to be extra cautious with this evening’s unpredictable weather, tonight’s class is CANCELLED. We will be back on Thursday!

2 years ago

Despite Goshen schools being closed today, Peacemakers is still expecting to be OPEN for class tonight. Use your best judgement as to whether it is safe to drive.

This may change if conditions get worse tonight. Stay tuned.

2 years ago

Hi Peacemakers, class is canceled again on Thursday, Jan 31. See you back in action next week!

2 years ago

No practice tonight, Tuesday, January 29!

Peacemakers Academy generally follows Goshen Community Schools when it comes to closing. Because the cold and inclement weather has led to schools closing today and tomorrow, we will also be closed.

We will let you know about Thursday soon.

2 years ago

Happy Christmas everyone! Two quick reminders:

1. Peacemakers is closed Christmas through New Year’s. We’ll be back on January 3rd.
2. Starting in January, we’ll shift to a new schedule. The first class will run from 5-6:20pm, and the second class will go from 6:00-7:30pm.

See you in January!

2 years ago
Philip Thomas '87 remembered as influential global peacemaker | Goshen College

Friends, we want to honor the life, service, and sacrifice of Phil Thomas, brother of founding Peacemakers instructor Steve Thomas. Phil, an influential peacemaker both in Goshen and across the world, was instrumental in getting Peacemakers Academy started. Without his help and support, our academy wouldn’t be what it is today. ... See more

Goshen College alumnus and adjunct professor Philip Thomas, a peace advocate who had traveled to more than 30 countries around the world in his work with heads of states, indigenous groups, community leaders and corporate executives, was found dead soon after his arrival in Nairobi, Kenya, this week...

2 years ago

Our next promotion test will be Saturday, December 15, from 10am-12pm. Put it in your calendars, and train hard to get ready for it!

2 years ago

Hey Peacemakers, it's Thanksgiving week!

Yes, we DO have class tonight, Tuesday Nov 20th.

We do NOT have class on Thursday, because that's Thanksgiving. Have fun, eat something delicious, relax, and come back next week ready to work!

3 years ago

Hi all, this is just a reminder that Peacemakers Academy will be CLOSED this Thursday, July 5, in honor of the 4th of July. Enjoy the night off, and see you back the following week.

And yes, we do still have class tonight, Tuesday, July 3!

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