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2 years ago
Photos from Peacemakers Academy's post

We want to give a big shoutout and congratulations to everyone who competed at the Whitney TKD Tournament this past Saturday. Everyone performed well and looked great!

2 years ago
Training Guide — Connelly's Academy

Sharing this again, as people practice their forms for both the Tournament and the Promotion Test:

If you're trying to figure out your forms at home, check out the videos from Connelly's Academy, who practice a style similar to ours. Unfortunately, these do not include the Peacemaker Forms, but you can find everything from Chon-Ji and beyond here:

Black Belt Test Sunday, June 3, 2018 ***************************LINK TO ALL ONLINE REGISTRATIONSSCHOOL PROGRAMS, PROMOTION TESTS, CAMPS AND WORKSHOPS ***************************Moo Sul Kwan Dues

2 years ago

Class info—Sparring, and a Promotion Test!
For the next two weeks in class (April 10-19), we will be getting ready for the Whitney Tournament and practicing sparring. Please bring all of your safety equipment so that you can spar. If you're missing anything, replace it quickly or speak to Ms. Polega.

After the tournament, we will be preparing for our next belt promotion test, which we will ... See more

3 years ago
School shootings: How to protect our kids in the face of school violence

Some thoughts on preparing for and talking about school violence with our kids.

Caring and support can be an important way to prevent and heal from violence. What can we say to our kids about school shootings? What do schools need to do to take charge of safety for their students and staff? How can we prepare our kids to stay safe, get away, and get help?

3 years ago

No classes tonight.
As of right now Goshen is still under a state of emergency due to the flooding. Stay safe and dry and we'll see you next week!

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